Wooden Folk Art House with Tin Roof and Red Shutters

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I've been living with this house for a few days since I found it in Central Maine, and I must say that I love it more and more. It is the details that really make it great, from the slightly wavering hand-painted lines of front door and windows, to the great red shutters sized exactly to each window (perhaps cut down from popsicle sticks, and each attached with one center nail so that that turn should one wish to position them slightly off kilter), to the amazing grid of bricks detailed on the chimney side. Wonderfully graphic sitting a shelf, and very sweetly imperfect close up.

10 7/8" l x 6 5/8" d x 7 3/4" tall (including chimney).The roof is tin and a little dinged and rusty in a few spots, and plenty of scuffs all over; in great structural shape and without a missing bit that I can see.