1941-42 French Froebel-esque School Notebook Full of Cut Paper Designs

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My personal favorite find of the week, this one came from a seller in France, completed by a Roland Vigneron 1941-2. Not sure what grade young Roland was in when he did this, but it definitely feels Froebel kindergarten inspired, with can array of cut paper weavings and forms adhered to its pages, all executed in what I find quite a sophisticated, and also very French, sort of palette. Primarily abstract shapes and patterns achieved through combinations of them, but with an excellent house and tree in among them too. And with a teacher's grade on each. To my eye, pure beauty.

8 7/8" x 6 7/8", 15 pages, almost all filled front and back. All pages documented, in order, with one favorite up front. All in very good condition, color strong, no notable tears, not at all fragile, string binding holding tight.