Gorgeous Old Burl Root Stool, Presumed Chinese "Scholar's Stool"

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The dealer in my neck of the woods that I purchased this root burl stool from believed it to be antique Chinese--and looking at some images of Chinese root wood "scholar's stools," I believe he is correct. I found/find it a completely gorgeous, strikingly sculptural and dramatically gestural thing, with super smooth surface and wonderfully rich color, ranging from near black to rust orange. And it is a shape shifter, revealing different aspects across 360 degrees, and with faces revealing themselves everywhere if one chooses to look for them! With a flat surface, such that it could serve as a pedestal for one special thing, though it feels completely complete unto itself. Really beautiful.

8" tall and ranging from approx 11" to 13" wide/deep. Very good condition, fantastic patina, and I think very likely quite old.