Evocative, Never Opened 1929 Letter to R.F Lovelee, Seneca Hotel, Rochester

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This envelope alone feels like a novel to me--and what better name for a heroine (in my mind the addressee is a young woman) than R.F. Lovelee? This R.F Lovelee presumably was staying at the Seneca Hotel, built in 1847 in the French Renaissance manner, and by the 1920s Rochester's largest hotel, with over 500 rooms. But if this letter, mailed two months before the stock market crash that would launch the Great Depression, ever reached her, it appears never to have been opened. I resisted opening it, very much liking and wanting to pass along the drama of a never opened envelop--which definitely does have something inside. Airmail envelop printed with Fredonia Chamber of Commerce graphic and a Fredonia, NY return address on reverse --from a parent? sibling? husband?-- and multiple post marks.  

6 x 3 9/16 and in very good condition, unopened as noted.