Victorian Era Magic Lantern "Winder" Slide Kaleidoscope

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I've always found kaleidoscopes pretty magical, and have wanted to find one of these Victorian winder types since learning of their existence a couple of years ago. Turning the handle rotates one of two colorful round glass slides, making kaleidoscopic patterns as it shifts in relation to the static one. Just a really charming thing (and a wonderful, joy-inducing gift for most anyone), especially great set near a window to hold to the light for optimal viewing.

Overall: 7 1/4" x 2 5/16" x 1/2". Not including handle 6 1/8" l. Very good condition--super bright color and the wood is in excellent shape. The winder can be a bit jerky if held horizontally rather than vertically (but not problematically so, it still turns fine); once in the right position it turns very smoothly.