Sweet Miniature 9 Drawer Handmade Chest

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A charming little chest, very much a labor of love, with nine little drawers perfect for filling with collections of tiny things. I just love the looks of it, a little wonky in all the right ways, with the faces of the drawers stained what looks like three different shades, and a sweet combo of scalloped edging on the front and spiked edge behind. The drawers are made of very thin wood; I think perhaps salvaged from cigar boxes, with pulls attached by wire. One wants to be a bit gentle pulling them put, but all do pull out--and push in again--easily.

6 1/4” t x 7” w x 3 5/16” d and in good condition, standing squarely on its feet. Some wear/aging as evident to the front of the drawers, which I think just adds to its charm. Earlyish 20th c. I would guess.