Sumptuous Antique Bone Gaming Chips in Handmade Slide-top Box

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Sliding open the lid of this box to find it filled with these old bone gaming chips was, for me, about it good as it gets--just pure, lush beauty, and with the added joy of running one's fingers through them! Carved of bone, some of these are dyed the most gorgeous shades of yellow--some darker, some lighter, all perfect in combination with the un-dyed ones, and with a few pink-ish ones mixed in for good measure. Hand-written on the lid of the box (note the corner joints) is "Game Counters" followed by a name and address that it is a bit hard to read, but which certainly tells us that the original owner kept close track of their chips!

Box measures 4 3/4" l x 1 7/8" w x 1 1/4" t. Chips measure approx 11/16" in diameter. Photos show all of the counters included, all in good condition with the occasional tiny chip or mark, as is the box. 19th century and I believe the chips are likely French.