Rare C. 1940 J&J Red Cross Band-Aid Tin

Regular price $35.00

I picked this up yesterday purely for the design--the combination of the red cross (my favorite logo), sans serif capital lettering (which Johnson and Johnson used for its own logo only for a very short time) and creamy white of the tin, plus its proportions, just struck me as pretty much 100% perfect. I've since discovered this particular tin, produced 1940-42 or so, is quite a rare one (I found one listed at $100!), and one which Johnson and Johnson highlights in its history for its iconic design. I'd recycle all those cardboard boxes and store all my Band-Aids in this, or give it a really nice spot on the shelf...so satisfying.

3 7/16" x 1 9/16" x 3 1/2" tall. Very good condition, very very minor rusting and scratching (most on lid). Lid opens easily and closes tight and flush.