Old Handmade Baseball Counter

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I've got a super weakness for handmade scoring devices, especially when they relate to baseball, including with nostalgia for growing up with a brother who mowed the lawn in the shape of a diamond for endless backyard wiffle ball games. It seems to me that the top dial on this one would indicate the outcome of any given at bat, while pegs on the diamond below would indicate positions of base runners. I'm not quite sure though in what context this would be used, or useful, really - ? Perhaps for a baseball related card game, or fantasy baseball before there was such a thing? At any rate, I think it's great looking, and surely one could invent all sorts of ways to use it now!

10" t x 4 5/8" w x 1/2". Good condition, without pegs. Signed Robert Fisher in pencil on the reverse, with a 44 that I might guess was the year created. The pointer/dial is not tight, so if stood upright it will not hold in position if pointed horizontally.