Naive 19th Century American Oil Painting of Lion, Leopard and Goat

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My very favorite thing about this painting is the last thing I noticed: the completely flattened goat upon which the lion stands. The way that it is painted makes the goat appear rather more like a symbol than an actual thing, and as the goat typically symbolizes vitality and boundless energy, it makes sense that its role here be most important as a handy convenient stepping stone for getting a better look at whatever's out there in the distance!  Hard to tell then if the great looking leopard is coming down to share in the bounty or scaling up the tree to get safely away from this all powerful lion!

Jungle animals, and lions and leopards especially, were definitely a thing in 19th and early 20th century American painting, I assume largely corresponding to the colonization of Africa. I believe this painting is American and likely dates to the late-ish 1800s. It was painted in oil on cloth (not canvas), which was stretched over a wood panel, held in place with nails on the back side, in what I am close to certain was the original frame. For the sake of protecting it, I've left it in the frame, but it could easily be removed and reframed. (I've whited out the frame in one image in case distracting!) 

Framed: 19 1/4" x 16 1/4". Painting: 14 x 11 1/8". The frame itself shows wear and some loss to the surface particularly along the bottom edge.  The painting itself is in very good antique condition.