Set of Three Antique Erzgebirge Animals

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Three great old German Erzgebirge animals, the horse especially special I think, with a beautiful if somewhat inexplicable large red spot on his back and looking so elegant with those elongated legs. I take the gray one for a cat and the yellow for a cow, but perhaps it is a dog! I think they make quite a nice grouping, and the two smaller ones stack perfectly, so I'm selling as a set. 

Horse: 4” t x 3” l. Yellow: 3 “ l x 2 1/2” t. Gray 1 3/4” t x 2 3/8” l. All in very good condition, with perhaps an old reglue-ing of one front leg on the horse but it is a bit hard to tell, might just be a bit of surface loss there. Stable and sound.