Handmade 1960s Crayoned Wooden Blocks Set in Old Box with Notes

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So many sorts of things I can’t resist—wooden blocks being one, and all the more so handmade ones, these in two senses: the wood (as hand-written text on the side of the box notes) came from Friburg [sic] Fair in Maine (Fryeburg fair, a blue ribbon agricultural fair founded in 1851), then was cut (pretty irregularly) into blocks as a gift for “David,” who then (I bet it was him) crayoned numbers and letters onto all sides. Likely there were once a few more, but one can pretty much find every letter A to Z here and a bunch of numbers too, most letters several times over written in different colors of crayon. I find them all quite charming and happiness inducing. 

Box: 10 7/8 x 5 1/4 x3 13/13. Blocks about 1 1/2” cubed, give or take. Irregular as can be, which is much of what makes them good.