Dr. Frank C Fowler 1896 Lithographed Chips

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Lovely and curious. These are a set of cardboard disks with lithographed paper adhered to the tops showing bees and various birds and one squirrel. Tiny text on all of them reads "Registered" and on a few is printed them reads Copyright 1896 F.C. Fowler. I have figured out this was Fred C. Fowler of East Haddam Connecticut, who, born in 1859, was "prosperously engaged in the manufacture of proprietary  remedies," was also proprietor of the Oak Grove Stock Farm, and was “an ardent sportsman owning one of the largest game preserves in the country, giving attention to the propagation and protection of our native game.” He also built a harness race track and his yacht, the Huntress, was commissioned by the navy in 1898 for duty in the Spanish American war. Quite a character, and a busy one, it seems! My guess is that these were used as plugs of sorts for bottles of remedies, though perhaps they were gaming chips of sorts for use at the race track! Pretty things now whatever the case.

Set of 15; 3/4” in diameter. All in very good, clean and bright condition.