Conquering the USA, State by State: 1936 Dead Stock Conquest Board Game

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The seller I purchased this one from told me she believed the game of Conquest was never released, and my searching seems to suggest she was right; I can't find record of it anywhere, and believe rather that Lucas Company, Reading Mass. just produced some prototypes, of which this is one. In addition to the great graphics on the box and board and all, this seems to me an especially resonant one at this particular moment in the life of our nation and democracy. The name of the game is to conquer the United States, state by state (blue states and red states and green and yellow ones too, each assigned a different points value.)  "With each hand that is won, the winner obtains territory, troops, and money. These are later used to enable him to conquer territory from opponents whose armies and not strong enough to give them ample protection...." If this just seemed like a metaphor for the electoral college that would be one thing, but sadly the resonance at the moment seems more profound than that. A bit like Risk, but closer to home.

Box measures 12 1/4 x 10 1/2 x 1 3/8; unused, excellent condition. There is reference in the instructions to monetary transactions (buying states for various amounts of millions); it seems to me the small bag of colored paper bits may be stand ins for printed money, but the instruction as to that is not entirely clear.