Charming Small Gold Painted Tramp Art Hanging Match Holder Dated 1900

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Yes, this lovely wall hanging piece could indeed hold some matches or other little things, but I'd treat it as pure sculpture, perhaps a bit like a crucifix for the believer in small wonders! 8 stacked chip carved layers on the pocket, and little carved stars topping each of the round bits, all painted gold, which has mellowed perfectly with age. On the underside of the pocket its maker carved their initials and the year, 1900--quite a nice way to mark the beginning of a new century I'd say!

7 1/2" t x 4 3/16" w x 2 1/8" d, carved of cigar box wood I believe, and in excellent antique condition, with not a missing bit or chip that I can see. There is a looped thread on the back for hanging, which might be wise to replace with wire for hanging.