Carved Articulated Folk Art Figure with Tin Helmet

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I'd have to guess WWI on this guy, who I take for a soldier with a small bowl on his head for a make do helmet, and it would not surprise me  if he was actually carved in the trenches. He was  constructed as a jig figure, to be held up and danced on a platform, as his legs move backward but not forward at his knees. I really love his geometric facial features, carved in relief and colored orange, which give his a bit of a Mr. Potato Head aspect, while he has a bit of a Tin Woodsman character, too. Graphite lines and curves drawn on his chest, too, whether done in the process of making him or pre-existing on the scrap wood I am not sure. He will sit up if leaned against something, but with a wire still wrapped around is waist and looped at back, he's also ready to hang.

11 1/8" t x 3 3/8" w and in good condition, with a nice patina, just missing the toe on one foot.