Antique Tibetan Buddhist Hand-drawn, Hand-painted Mandala on Paper

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Not my usual thing, but I've been admiring old Buddhist spiritual drawings of late and keeping an eye out for antique hand-drawn and painted examples on paper--so was thrilled to find this beautiful mandala, 19th century I believe. I am not expert in the least, but this one appears closely in keeping with traditional Thanka mandala, with Yantra at center (the circle inside of triangle inside of circle); then square divided by color into four quadrants opening out to four gateways, which are then ringed with concentric circles containing what I believe are meant to represent lotus petals, vajras (a ritual object/weapon containing both the meanings of “thunderbolt” and “diamond"), flames, and burial grounds. Gorgeous, rich color throughout, and I especially love the detailed ink-drawings on those outer circles, populated with a number of different creatures including a few skeletons in action.

8 7/8" x 8 5/8" inches, ink and pigment on heavy paper, overall very good antique condition. There is an old horizontal center fold line, but the painting lies flat. Wear and some small losses long the edges, and some old white tape on the reverse which looks to have been there for quite a long time.