Antique Jeweler's Magnifying Loupe (Presumed Echarco) in Original Box

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I didn't know it when I found it, but I believe this magnifying "spectacle loupe" was made by Echarco, patented 1897, and though I've found a few records of them, they seem to be pretty coveted things, scooped up whenever they are listed. This one was clearly used, with cloth tape wrapped carefully around the lower rings, which of course makes me like it all the more. It's quite a nice thing to use, with the steel armature situating the lens the perfect distance from the thing to be viewed; I found it in what I believe is its original, unlabeled box (I think this is the original 1897 version) with a 1816 German coin inside, which I will include! 

Box measures 2 x 1 7/8 x 1 3/8 t. Loupe: 1 3/16” t x 1 9/16” widest. All in very good as found condition, I have not cleaned the lens but it is in very good shape.