Amazing Antique Sculptural Tramp Art Watch / Clock / Photograph Display

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Wow! I am guessing this fantastic thing was made to hold a clock or pocket watch in the ring at center, though this photograph looks to have been there perhaps from the time it was completed, which I believe was at the very beginning of the 20th c. (The threaded silver ring holding the photo looks to me as it was made to flip up, but it doesn't do so easily and I'm a bit reluctant to try to force any event, it looks to me that a small round mirror or a different photo could be fairly easily fitted in it if desired.) I'm just in love with the drama of it all, exquisitely carved, with motifs suggesting hearts and sun and stars and cascading waves, all feeling super lush; the word that comes to my mind is voluptuous! Plus this wonderfully obsessive pinprick pattern covering every inch of the surface. Really quite a stunning thing, in excellent condition. 

9 3/8" t x 11 3/16" w x 3 5/8" d, with quite a fantastic presence! There is one loss to one point at upper left, which I didn't even notice until looking at detailed photos. Otherwise, exquisite antique condition.