Agapit Thibodeau Folk Art Dog Painting (on Cat Box Cardboard) in Handmade Frame

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I have turned up very little about the Agapit Thibodeau (b. 1896, Brantville New Brunswick, Canada) who made this piece--I believe in the early 1980s, shortly before his death--but I think I am pretty certain I would have really liked him! What a wonderful dog, which I take for a huge snuggly St. Bernard, and which seems perhaps to be emerging from a dog house, though it could be an underpass, and maybe these are train tracks in front of him, or it could be a fence! The painting itself was executed on a piece of cardboard cut from a cat food box, which makes me love it a whole bunch more! The artist made the frame, clearly of scrap wood, and roughly cut a piece of glass that sits in front of the painting, with the arches more or less matching. Pure love.

10" tall x 9 15/16" w x 3 1/8" d. All in very good, sturdy and sound condition. The painting can be pulled up from behind the glass, which is how I took the photos of the backside of the cardboard. Looks like a mix of graphite, charcoal, watercolor and gouache on cardboard.