19th c. Primitive Cricket Stool with Old Paint and Lots of Nails

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My current obsession with old cricket stool continues, and I think this is a sweet one. The top was covered with fabric, or perhaps a needlepoint at some point, hence the profusion of nails and nail holes around the sides, the effect of which really like as it lends it some extra tooth! Old orange paint on the legs, and dark green on the sides (over orange I think), with a little of both still on the top, too, though mostly not. As always, I'm looking especially for stools that would make great pedestals for arranging things atop, and with good lines, good color and good texture, I think this is most definitely one of those!

10 1/8" l x 6 1/8" d x 7" t and in good condition, sturdy and solid and steady on its feet.