1910 Hungarian Geography School Book with Original Pencil Drawings and Doodles

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I am perpetually leafing through antique school books in hopes of finding exactly what this one delivers--and was pure joy to discover! I don't read a lick of Hungarian but the abundance of maps in this combined with illustrations of people in traditional dress makes it seem pretty clear that it's a geography book, and still readable on the cover is a date of 1910. It seems the name of its owner, and the artist behind the wonderful sketches scattered across blank pages and margins within, was named Hodovanyer Mihaly IV (or similar!), which appears in many different forms! Photos are pretty thorough in documenting the fun pages, where heads and figures and chickens and more commingle. I don't have the heart to remove any pages, though one certainly could.

Box measures 8 5/16" x 5 5/8"; 72 numbered pages plus end papers. Book definitely shows age and wear and toning, with lots of wear to to the covers especially, but is still holding together and drawings and doodles are very legible. My photos give a sense of the book itself but focus the drawings.