Antique Bennington/Rockingham Glazed Yellow-ware Frog Mug with Applied Strap Handle

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I believe this American Bennington/Rockingham glazed yellowware mug dates to the later 19th century,  and the form of it, with applied strap handle, says American--though it seems more common to find frogs inside British vessels than American ones. I believe American it is, though, with the frog molded in a manner different from open mouthed British ones climbing up the side! I'm not always a huge fan of the brown glaze but in this case think it's really beautiful, looking like drippy wet ink, almost with some  purple in it, just right against the light yellow clay. Really quite beautiful, and, of course, also fun to see the frog emerge when the coffee (or whatever) is almost gone!

4” t x 3 7/8” d x 5 1/4” handle. Excellent condition, no flaws whatsoever.