Old Folk Art Puzzle Box with Inlaid Stars and Shields

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I love an old folk art box with inlays, and a puzzle box even more, even better for stars on top and a red velvet lining! This box is not 100% perfect in its puzzle functioning: there is one missing bit on one short side, which allows one to cheat the proper lid opening process by raising the lid over the screw if desired, but one can still open it the right way by rotating one half of the lid out, then sliding the lid over, then rotating the other half out and the whole thing around. There is a piece of brass hardware on one side that could have been a later addition to prevent the cheat, I'm not sure. Either way one discovers a red velvet lined interior, making one think this one was made to house something fancy! 

6 7/16" l x 2 5/8" d x 2 3/8" t, substantial with a nice weight, and aside from the one missing bit, pictured, in very good condition and really lovely. Inlaid stars on top, diamonds on long sides and bottom, shields on short sides. No cracks or chips and wood in beautiful condition. Early 20th century I believe.