Edwin and Mary Scheier Blue Glazed Studio Pottery Dish with Two Faces

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This hand thrown small plate/dish was created by Mary and Edwin Scheier, a fascinating couple  at the vanguard of American studio pottery. Largely self-taught and consummately curious, the two met working on a WPA project in Virginia, travelled the country for a period as itinerant puppeteers, worked, studied and started making pottery together in East Tennesee, taught for many years in New Hampshire, and later lived in Oaxaca, studying Oaxacan craft and culture, where Edwin also designed weavings. Widely collected by museums, their larger pieces go for many thousands of dollars. This one, circa 1950-60 I believe, is perfectly emblematic of their work with its intersecting faces, stylized star, wide-rim, and blue glaze. 

The plate/dish measures about 6.5” in diameter, is in excellent condition, and I think  just wonderful!