Very Rare C. 1960 Milton Bradley Rebus Puzzles Paper Roll

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I love a rebus (though am not the best at solving them!) and had not seen a whole roll of rebus puzzles like this before (and can't find another out there anywhere), produced by Milton Bradley. There is a postmark of 1960 on the package, which was shipped to the Ohio Cycle and Supply Co., and I believe that is about when this roll was produced. Rebus puzzles 1-4 are missing--hopefully solved long ago!--but there is quite a sizable roll of them left, I believe probably numbering to 100, which one might do all sorts of things with. Great graphics and really fun.

Tube measures 8 3/4" l x 2" d. Paper is 8 7/16" w with each puzzle about 5 3/4" l. Good condition, paper is not brittle. There is a fairly faint smell of smoke--I would guess likely from it sitting around at the Ohio Cycle and Supply Co. for some years back in the day!