Sunfed Vitamin Bread, c. 1930s Advertising Display Loaf

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Such a fun one, found this week in New Hampshire, I could not resist. I can find just a few references to Sunfed Vitamin Bread, all dating to the 1930s--a calendar, a matchbook, and one printed card, each produced by different distributor of the product (and making it seem, perhaps, as if "Sunfed Vitamin Bread" was more a type of bread than a proprietary product. A red band around the base of this faux loaf reads "Maine Baking Company," which from what I've learned was  located in Auburn, Maine, and turns up a few things dating to the 1920s-1930s--including a photo included in documentation. Nothing else like this loaf, though! With train on top, fighter jets on the sides, and the excellent (if rather wordy) slogan: "A trainload of vitamins which will give you vitality, vim and vigor in your daily routine!" Quite a time capsule and very American sort of icon.

12 x 3 3/4 x 4 3/4 t and in very good condition. I believe the loaf inside is styrofoam or similar, Wrapper is in very good shape, tightly held, with just a couple of small tears as documented.