1840 Planten's NY Gelatine Capsules Box - with Capsule Inside!

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I'm increasingly fond of early paper covered cardboard boxes, all the better with great labels pointing to curious things inside, and this is really a lovely one in pink and yellow and green, produced for Planten's Gelatine Capsules, New York.

Even better, the label points to its production for the Exhibition of the American Institute, 1840--a New York entity founded in 1828 to "encourage and promote domestic industry in Agriculture, Commerce, Manufacturing and the Arts, and any improvements made therein,"  and which did this in part by organizing annual fairs at which prizes were awarded to outstanding artisans and inventors. And so we can imagine a display of these capsules at the 1840 fair, with a salesperson--perhaps H. Planten himself--promoting the benefits of copaiba balm and oil of cubebs, which form what I can tell were used for treating bronchitis, hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, and bladder infections and other urinary tract infections. AND, inside the box, in addition to original paper insert, one gelatine capsule remains! 

(Note, I've found a reference (relating to the history of capsules) that makes note of Planten as first U.S. producer, in 1836, of (not very successfully executed two-part capsule.)

Box measures 4" x 2 3/4" x 3/4". General wear and a few stains but overall very good condition for being nearly 200 years old, and completely structurally sound and sturdy.