Wonderful Old Folk Art Topsy Turvy Doll with Embroidered Face and Calico Dress

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Found in Southern Maine this week, and no way could I resist her...them! Wonderfully hand-embroideried wide eyed expressions on both faces, with complementary red and cream calico prints to their great dresses.  I find topsy turvy dolls quite interesting things, often but not always with one "white" side and one "black"-- here with the two sides pretty much exact mirrors of one another, with just a minor shift in color of fabric and thread.

9 1/8" head to head. 13 1/8" long from one head to hem of skirt.A couple of holes int he fabric of the dress as documented, but overall good condition, sturdy and sound, well stuffed and no loose seams. C. late 19th/early 20th c. I would guess.