Wonderful Antique Folk Art Boat with Spool Winder in Green and Red Paint

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I love this thing, found in Maine the other day. Super primitive, great original dark green and red paint, the latter of which has alligatored in an excellent way, with an old hand cranked spool via which a sail was once surely once raised and lowered. The sails are gone, but I love how one side of the the mast next to the crank is much worn, maybe even whittled some, in order to accommodate a hand that once--very often it seems--turned the crank to raise and lower the sail. Quite an old one, really charming, of a great scale with a warm and wonderful presence.

13 3/4 l x 5 w x 11 1/8" t, worn and aged in all good ways, structurally sound and sturdy. The crank still turns perfectly.