Wonderful Antique Folk Art Carved Wood Panel with Angel

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I am completely taken with this carved panel, which I know very little about, but which is definitely old, and super folky, and wonderfully inventive I think, giving what I assume is an angel's head (with wings and halo) to a "body" composed of decorative architectural elements, and then (I think) feet of sorts carved at bottom. Perhaps it is meant to be Jesus himself, with crown and a second set of wings, that also look like flames, just above the feet? I might guess it was once part of a piece of furniture, but I'm really not certain. Now, I would hang it on the way and could look at it all day.

19" tall c 6" wide x 1" deep. There is a fair amount of warping to the wood, such that the right side sits higher if laid flat, but once hung on the wall it is really not noticeable. There is an old repair to the bottom side left corner, where a piece was reglued, which is obvious from the back but not much noticeable from the front unless one is looking for it. There is hanger at top center on the back. The color is most accurate in overall images.