Vintage Folk Art Wood Duck Signed H. Sloan, Maine

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I found this handsome wood duck in Southern Maine, perhaps not very far from where it was carved, though I haven't been able to find out much of anything about the H. Sloan who made it, other than that he, or she, was from Maine. However, I think perhaps they might be fairly recently deceased, as I recently found a collection of smaller carved birds by the same H. Sloan, only a few miles away from where I found this, which I sold here a month or two ago--and I'll keep an eye out for others as I've become rather a fan of this H. Sloan's birds.

I find the colors and patterns on wood ducks pretty amazing to begin with, and really like the combination of elegance and folkiness and appropriate sort of proud stoicism on this one; very satisfying. Well done, and in great shape, 2nd half 20th century. 11 1/8" l x 3 1/4" w x 4 1/2"t.