Vintage Relief Carved Folk Art American Eagle Plaque

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As previously noted, I’ve been having a bit of a moment with carvings of eagles in one form or another of late; somehow they keep finding me! This one I’m guessing is 1940s or so, and carved with what I assume are the initials of its maker, AJS, at bottom center (though plenty of things one could decide this stands for I think...'American Justice Served' could be a good, aspirational one), with one orange talon of the eagle gripping just above. I really like the big leafy branches at either side, painted a soft mossy green and framed by furled vines/flourishes painted a mellow gold. Great energetically carved reddish brown feathers for this proud eagle’s body and outstretched wings, too. Very folky but managing, at least to my eye, to land it a sweet spot where it feels pretty classic too. 

21” x 9” x 5/8” d and in very good vintage condition, no issues, and with a hanger on the back.