Vintage Etching of Architectural Structure with Fence and Wall presumed to be by Michael Leininger

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This vintage print, an etching I believe, I purchase at the incredible estate sale of a Michael Leininger in Melrose, MA, an artist, architect, avid collector, and former Collections Manager and Librarian for Architecture, Art, and Film Studies at the Rotch Library for Architecture and Urban Planning, MIT. It is unsigned, but based on the fact that there were several variations of this print at the sale, and other signed works of his to which it bears a resemblance, my guess it that it was his and I would guess dates to the 1970s or so.

I think is just terrific, with this ambiguous architectural structure at the center, reading rather like an adobe house built into an anthropomorphic mountain with a protective arm extended out front carving out a private terrace, making it all feel rather cozy!  An then a wooden fence on one side of the house and a wall on the other, enhancing the feeling of this as its own little homestead.

The print, in excellent vintage condition (photos are shot through the glass of the frame, with a bit of glare) and executed in a greenish gray, is printed on a sheet of heavy paper measuring 8 1/4” x 11 1/4”. I have put a matte over it approximately matching the cream color of the paper and put it in a simple, inexpensive frame measuring 11”x14”.