Very Old, Very Primitive, Very Beautiful Make Do Doll

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Certainly it takes a certain sort of person to look at this one and think its one of the most beautiful things in the world--but here we are! This one really just breaks my heart--so humble, so worn, but also so clearly lovingly made to begin with, with this wonderful curve of a hand stitched seam on one side perfectly securing the wrapped fabric, and more tiny stitches and wrapped thread tight around the neck. Underneath the fabric are what look to be layers of wrapped paper giving the dress some volume, and a bit of colorful patterned paper still adhered to the outside of her dress in one spot make me think perhaps she one was much more decorated. I love her exactly as she is, including for a few small holes in the fabric that reveal the many layers underneath it. A small thing with quite a large and special presence I think.

4 7/8” t x 1 1/2” w. Worn and aged as evident but very sound and stable, not shedding, with everything tightly secured.