Unusual Antique Punch Paper Embroidery with Bows For Hair Locks and Bible

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The locks of hair from Mary S. Curtiss, her parents, and her sister are long gone from this punch paper embroidery, if they ever were in fact secured to it, but it's such an unusual and wonderfully done one, I don't much mind. On the second line are an "F" for father and "M for mother with a bow beside each, and then two more bows to hold "some of my sisters" ("C" and "S"), and then one more for Mary's hair, too. Plus a holy bible, labeled, at lower right for good measure. I've developed such a fondness for these punch/perforated paper embroideries as they were done with much greater immediacy than needlepoint samplers on cloth, for example, yielding quirky examples, like this one, which I find very charming and full of life.

8 3/4" x 4 3/8" and aside from missing hair locks, in very good condition.