The Modern House in America by James and Katherine Morrow Ford

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A book by architects for architects,"The Modern House" by James Ford and Katherine Morrow Ford was first published by the Architectural Book Publishing Co., Inc, NY, in 1940. Through 300+ black and white photographs, ground plans, elevations, and statements by the architect(s), including regarding factors such as site, client needs, climate, construction details, and cost, the book documents mid-century modern homes built by 30+ working architects, including Breuer, Gropius, Keck, Neutra, etc. These pages are preceded by an introductory section addressing such questions are "What Is Modern?" "Honest Use of Materials" and "Changes in Modes of Living", arguing for the responsiveness of modern architecture, and indeed its necessity, as a means of responding to the changed conditions of its mid-20th century context.  A concluding section features statements from the architects. I especially love the high concentration of homes in Massachusetts, and special thanks from the authors to Gropius, who was then chair of the department of architecture at Harvard. 

This is a third printing 1940 copy. It is in excellent vintage condition.