TELLER, Perfectly Precise (and Concise) Thick Glass Sign with Gold Lettering

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One of my favorites of the week, both for being a beautiful object and for the excellent  one word "teller" which, removed from its original context (at a bank, I'd think) could mean all sorts of things: truth teller, fortune teller, teller of tales, etc. Very thick glass, glorious gold letters, perfectly deadpan sans serif font, crisp and clean and super precise. Plus with the effect of the text appearing as if double when viewed at certain angles. Perhaps just the right thing for a writer, and perhaps especially a journalist committed to reporting the real facts!

14 7/8 x 4 3/8 x 1/2. Small chip to the glass along bottom edge center and even smaller chips to bottom corners, plus one stain at bottom left--all as documented. Shows beautifully, reading super crisp and clean.