Sweet Old Doll with Hand-Embroidered Face, Black Mohair Head and Stockings, and Attitude!

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I believe this doll must have been made according to a set of instructions as I've had one other of similar form and face, but like folk art doorstops, for example, each iteration is very much its own special thing reflective of the stills, resources, and creativity of its maker. In addition to those striped embroidered eyes, mouth that leans to one side, and black mohair hair, what I especially love about this one is that one of her legs is notably shorter than the other, giving her this great posture and sense of attitude when stood up! She's definitely seen a lot of play, with reinforced stitches around her arms and neck, and something ate away at the hip of her bloomers, but she's holding together well and is quite charming I think. 1930s or so I would guess. 

15 5/8" t x 7 1/4" w x 3 1/8" d and in overall good, much loved condition, well documented in photos. Well stuffed and not losing any of it!