Stunning Green Art Pottery Bowl with Abstract Decoration

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I am completely obsessed with this art pottery bowl, which seems like it could have been inspired by the work of Paul Klee (see Park bei Lu 1938, for example) and also reminds me a bit of the work of Edwin and Mary Scheier. The exterior is glazed a wonderful light green, like a cross between celadon and Granny Smith apple. This glaze appears again on the interior as halo-like outlines for the acidic blue-green hyroglyph-like decoration. The ground of the interior is glazed a perfect matte dark green-black, perfectly complementing the rest and adding up a truly gorgeous and unusual piece. It would make a great small serving bowl, but otherwise I’d put it out to be enjoyed all of the time. 

Beyond my love for it, I have a sense that this bowl is a pretty special piece, but unfortunately itis entirely unmarked, and I have had no luck finding another at all like it. Definitely it has some age to it; I'd guess 1940s or so. There are two small chips in the glaze on the base’s interior rim, and one flaw in the exterior glaze original to its making (see photos)-- no real matter and otherwise it is excellent condition. It measures 7 5/8" in diameter and 2 3/4" tall.