Stunning 1930s Russian Wooden Stacking Toy in Best Palette Ever

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This is hands down no contest the most beautiful stacking toy I've ever seen, and I am very partial to wooden stacking toys! The insanely great color palette is made all the better by the perfect proportions of the overall form and the density of the thinly and squarely sliced stacking rings--just yum! From what I can tell it is an extremely rare one, dating to the 1930s or so and marked made in Russian on the underside of the base, which has three nice little feet. It is not very large --just over 8 inches tall--but enough of a knock out that I'd argue to placing at the center of the table, or room, in lieu of a Christmas tree! 

8 1/8" tall x 3 1/2" in diameter. Nicely aged, with scuffs and small dings all over that just make it better. The holes at the center of each ring are slightly graduated in size, meaning each ring has its place in the stack and they are not so easy to arrange in different orders except near the top (I didn't want to risk them getting stuck while trying, so didn't force it.) The central post is threaded near the top, with a little loss to the threading further down, but no matter, the top piece screws on tight and snug.