Striking Gold and Black Round Lidded Burmese Lacquer Box

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One can never have too many boxes, as surely one never has a shortage of odds and ends that need a home! This striking gold and black round lacquer one, which I believe to be Burmese, would be stunning on a desk, in a powder room or on a vanity, or certainly as part of a collection alongside other beautiful boxes or lacquerware. It appears to have been hand-painted and additionally features very fine incising on each of the small "petals" that surround the repeating circular forms with black dots, as well as on each of the leaves and circles around its perimeter.

I purchase this box from an estate sale in Newton, MA, along with several other beautiful Burmese boxes. 

The lacquer is in excellent condition, with no apparent wear at all to the interior and just slight scratching to the surface. 4.75" diameter x 1.75" tall.