Shoshone Native American Woman with Baby in Papoose, 1917 Real Photo Postcard

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An absolutely wonderful image I think, with marvelously specific details packed into every inch. And how beautiful is this mother--beaded leather satchel in one hand and her other arm wrapped protectively around the frame of the papoose--with her head turned toward something or someone outside of the frame and her baby looking, much more fretfully, in exactly the same direction! To my eye, striking and funny and tender and true all at once.

Postmarked 1917 on reverse, mailed from a Claude to a Mr. Blaine Miller in Sandusky Ohio ("how would you like to ride that way instead of in the Ford?" from Idaho Falls, Idaho. 5 7/16" x 3 7/16" and in overall good condition, with some edge wear and bumping to corners especially lower left.