Radiant 1920s Northern California Landscape Watercolor by Benjamin Harnett

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I purchased this gorgeous 1920s watercolor based on an online image, but it totally knocked my socks off when I received it--absolutely radiant and truly stunning. To my eye, it shows a strong Arts and Crafts sensibility (looking at that row of trees along the horizon line, I can't help but think of the pottery of Sophie Newcomb), and I think altogether achieves a perfect balance of softness, lushness and boldness. Sublime!

Though unsigned, the painting is the work of Benjamin Allen Harnett (1873-1945), a London-born artist who moved to the San Francisco area in the late 1800s. Primarily a landscape painter, his focus was on the Redwood forests and hills, valley and bays around Santa Cruz and San Francisco, as I believe is the case with this painting. Harnett later moved to Northern Virginia, painting there and in New England.

7" × 10ʺ and in excellent antique condition.