Original Cross-stitch Cocktail Tray

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If you, like me, prefer cocktails to brewskis, I offer you this amazing custom cross-stitch cocktail tray, created in 1985 by “Ogden Cocktail Construction Co (with recipes by K McCarthy and approved by friends Gary, Annie and Tyler), which brilliantly depicts, via a handy key, the recipes and proportions for everything from a Mint Julep to a Manhattan. Complete with depictions of appropriate accoutrements and a caution  that “The Drink You Mix May Be Your Own,” I think this really could not be any better, and raise a glass high to its creative, skillful and witty maker, which I’d bet would be a lot of fun to share a drink with.

17.5x10x1.5”, with a plate of glass covering the cross-stitch; near perfect condition. $55.