Antique Wooden Erzgebirge Noah's Ark with Two Guardians

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I am certain this old Noah's Ark is German, as it is so similar in form and manner to antique Erzgebirge examples, most of which one finds painted, but not always. It does appear that the roof (and maybe more) on this one might once have been papered, as there is a scalloped bit still hanging on at one end on one side. It is definitely an old one, late 19th/very early 20th century I believe, with a roof that flips open and latches closed, for storing the flock of animals that once would have accompanied it inside. I had a couple sitting around so am including them with it, and certainly more can always one found!  Terrific warm dry wood patina, of a very nice size, and I think a wonderful tabletop structure whether accompanied with animals or not.

13 13/16" l x 4" d x 6 1/4" t and in good condition, with a few losses to the cardboard on the windows as documented. Structurally sound and stable. One piece of wire securing the roof has been replaced, functioning just fine.