Old Wooden Box with Carved Tombstone Lid

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Just a chunky old small wooden box, which looks perhaps to have held drill bits at some point, but which I really love for its carved tombstone-style sliding lid, which for me at least turns it into a potential stage of sorts, which one might turn on its side and slide the lid up on like a theater curtain to reveal a surprise inside! (Maybe that's just me! But there is a notch mid-way up on the face of the box that will hold the lid open at the mid-point.) Anyway, to my sensibilities, a great little box, and a heavy one, too.

4 5/8" l x 2 15/16" wide and deep. Very good presumed antique condition, with what look like drill holes in the wood at the bottom of the interior, not going all the way through, but one hole drilled in one side that does, and a leather strap on the other side attached via old iron nails.