Old Fraternal Order of Eagles Cloth Flag on Wooden Post

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Previously unbenownst to me, the Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.)--whose lodges are called aeries--was founded  in Seattle in 1898 by a group of six theater owners, with early membership primarily composed of individuals engaged in in the performing arts. And, apparently we have the FOE to thank for establishing Mother's Day as a holiday in the U.S. and also for giving impetus to the established of Social Security. So, while I grabbed this old flag just because I thought it was great looking, it seems like waving an FOE flag is not a bad idea at all! And I think this is a pretty old one, happily attached to a great black painted wooden post with gold painted pointy finial. 

Post measures 32" long. Flag itself measures 16 1/2" x 12 3/4". Old water stain visible on the red section and a bit of darkening to the white fabric, but overall good condition with no loss of stitching and looks great.