SOLD Old Folk Art Bottle Cap Snake with Carved Wood Head and Tail and Polka Dots

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How could I resist this rattler, purchased this week from the case of one of my favorite dealers at an antiques shop in New Hampshire? Bottle cap rattle snakes were a thing, but much rarer to find one with a carved wood head and tail and painted in silver with polka dots! Great from every angle, fun to position, and so many contexts he would enliven. With the perfectly rusted bottle caps strung on wire, which comes out the mouth as its tongue.

As generally configured in photos, roughly 12 1/2" w x 10" d x 6 5/8" t. Head measures 3 1/2" l. Tail 3 3/4" l. One can position this in all sorts of ways, but I have not tried to stretch it out completely to measure the full length. Good condition, with a little paint loss here and there; sturdy and not shedding rust.