Prized Old Set of 16 Color Cubes in Custom Wooden Box

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A lovely small set of Color Cubes, beautifully worn. In addition to being a huge fan of the blocks themselves, I've come to really appreciate the wide variety of repaired or improvised boxes one finds these in, as invariably their original cardboard boxes fell apart. These are housed in a a great old custom wooden box, with the interior lid of the blocks' original cardboard box taped (with a variety of tapes!) to the lid. I really love how much the box tells us about how much these blocks were valued and used. No wonder, they're the best.

Box: 5 1/4” x 5 1/4”  x 1 3/8”. Cubes 1 1/16” cubed. Box is in great shape structurally, and blocks are in very good condition, made all the better by some paint loss around the edges.